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Dudok introduces its own artisinal ice cream

Dudok is the most famous bakery in Rotterdam. Especially known for its apple pie. They already used the recipe to make a chocolate bar with Rotterdam-based Johhny Doodle. But now, there comes ice cream in eight different flavours. Including apple pie off course.

In the past few months Dudok has worked hard to create a Dudok ice cream line. There were two important requirements. There had to be a traditional working method and the use of honest raw ingredients. The result are eight different flavours, three of which are sorbet flavours. Naturally, two flavours are based on on the most popular cakes: Dudok Original apple cake and Red velvet.

The milk comes from just outside Rotterdam where Blaarkop cows graze freely in the meadows. On the organic dairy farm, it is up to the cows themselves when they are milked. Then the milk is taken to the bakery in Barendrecht, where it is processed into delicious ice cream using only pure ingredients.

The ice cream is available from Monday 4 July at our patisseries and Dudok locations in Rotterdam, The Hague and Arnhem.

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