Because of WEAR you can keep wearing sneakers

Sneakerfreaks Pim Roggeveen and Lorenzo van Galen have started a sneaker cleaning service. WEAR is located on the Van Oldenbarneveltstraat 113.

The Dutch, and especially youngsters in Rotterdam, sure love their sneakers. Just look at the ground. The only setback, the shoes can become really dirty on those streets. But fortunately, the two young sneakerheads started WEAR.

They clean sneakers and purchased a professional Italian steam engine for the cause. Using lifestyle care products by DFNS together with the team they can clean all kinds of materials: canvas, plastic, leather, rubber, linen, and suede. That way they want to reduce fashion waste and CO2 emissions.

Furthermore WEAR employs young people who have difficulties getting a job. They do this in collaboration with Heilige Boontjes. This popular Rotterdam coffee company already allows troubled boys and girls to gain work experience.

They now also sell refurbished second-hand footwear through their webshop.

Love to wear sneakers

So, from now on you can get new sneakers at the many specialized stores in Rotterdam like WOEI – Patta’s et prêt-à-porter at the Hoogstraat and X21 and not worry about them becoming dirty.

Rotterdam is known for its love for sneakers. That’s why there have been two editions of Sneakerness in the city. One in the Van Nelle-fabriek and one in the Onderzeebootloods . The organisers tell it like this: ”The choice for Rotterdam was quickly made. It is an exciting city where a lot is happening regarding street fashion and lifestyle.”

During the first edition in the Van Nelle-factory in 2018 there was an exhibition and documentary about the influence of the Rotterdam hardcore culture in the early 1990s on today’s fashion.

Even Nike acknowledges the legacy as they have announced the release of Air Max BW City pack Rotterdam. Hardcore, or as it’s known in Rotterdam: gabber, was very much alive in Rotterdam and many gabbers wore the Air Max BW while partying. To be able to rave every night, comfortable shoes were needed. The addition of the Air Cushion Unit made the sneaker perfect for going wild all evening. The model was even worn by so many gabbers that the sneaker became part of the gabber uniform: a tracksuit and Air Max BW sneakers.


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