Ciderbar can be found at Hofbogen

Hofbogen welcomes the only Ciderbar in the Netherlands

The only cider bar in the Netherlands will open its doors this December in the famous Hofbogen. It will boast 10 taps, fridges full of bottles, the most delicious bar food, and events. Everyone can contribute to De Ciderbar by crowdfunding.Β Β 

De Ciderbar will be the outpost of CiderCider. CiderCider is a Rotterdam-based company that started in 2009. The webshop focuses on quality ciders made from 100% fruit from all over the world, from Spain to England and the Netherlands to Latvia. Worldwide consumption and production of cider are growing enormously. The great thing about cider is that every region has a completely different culture and taste, which is a perfect steppingstone for all kinds of themed drinks, events and tastings. From a Basque Txotx to an English Wassail and from harvest festival to blossom party.

CiderCider also produces its own brand: The Rotterdam Lightship Cider. Using old and new techniques, CiderCider makes a range of exciting flavours based on local and residual fruit. Next to aΒ  range of special apple juices called Luid Fruit. As much local fruit as possible is in the production. To make this happen, CiderCider soon plants 3.5 hectares of new standard orchards just below Rotterdam.

Cider is served
Cider is served

History of The Ciderbar

CiderCider used to have its own store in the Fenix Food Factory. The interaction is still missed: the personal contact, telling people about cider and the conviviality. Under the former train tracks The Ciderbar will occupy two spaces near Brewpub Reijngoud, Mooie Boules, ‘s Zomers, Le Petitjean, and The Barber Parlour.

Outside you’ll find apple trees in large containers, cosy lighting and wooden benches to sit on. The interior will have a lot of wood, steel, and orchard details for a maritime feeling. Above the bar, there will be an aging cabinet for charcuterie and space for a number of wooden barrels full of mature cider. There will be a tasting room for their own Rotterdam Lightship cider and the bar will have 10 taps serving cider from all over the world.

Apart from cider, the drinks menu also features beer, soft drinks, wine, spirits and cocktails. The food menu consists of high-quality bar food to share. Expect local cheese, homemade charcuterie, pintxos, olives, pickles, and vegan options. Visitors can have French crepes and galettes for lunch.

Crowdfunding cider

Everybody can help build the new Ciderbar by co-investing through a loan or by contributing an amount through the presale! In total CiderCider wants to collect at least €65,000. This will be used to furnish and decorate the tasting room, kitchen equipment, a cash register system, a warm terrace, and, of course, taps and refrigerators.

Apart from the return, depending contributors may also receive some nice extras such as an invitation to the opening or a masterclass in making cider!

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