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Cheri Cheri is the newest Rotterdam Drag Show

The Rotterdam Dragshow was a huge success last year, it was themed: Eurovision Song Contest. Now the largest drag production in Europe returns to the Schiecentrale. Envy Peru and Vanessa from Cartier are the leading ladies of Cheri Cheri.

From October 21 onwards the new spectacle will play. There are a total of 187 costumes for the queens and dancers which together weigh about 300 kilos. There are 85,200 stones in these costumes and about 11,400 ostrich feathers. The Schiecentrale is currently undergoing special renovations for the major production.

“It is a show of high level,” says producer Marco Valk. The songs alternate quickly and the evening goes by like a rollercoaster. The themes of the show are: Being your authentic self, no matter what others think, equality, and being different. ”Dancing when the ground is knocked out under you, singing when your voice is taken away, and embracing those who are rejected. These are themes we find hugely important and, sadly, are still incredibly relevant.”

Cheri Cheri’s leading ladies are Envy Peru and Vanessa of Cartier. Other headliners are Skyla Versai and Janey Jackรฉ. These four Queens are supported by Tabitha, My Little Puny, Alex Andrews, and dancers and dance performers.

For more information and tickets visit: www.therotterdamdragshow.com. Cheri Cheri plays until June next year.

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