Cultural river Rotte Claire-Droppert

De Rotte must become the first cultural river in Europe

Rotterdam owes its origin and its name to the Rotte. By building a dam in the river where

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Go Sharing makes 320 extra e-bikes available in Rotterdam

Rotterdam gets 320 extra e-bikes from GO Sharing

GO Sharing will install 320 extra electric shared bikes in Rotterdam. The e-bikes will be offered alongside the

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Rechtstreex pickup point Insulindeplein

Rechtstreex makes consumers co-owners through crowdfunding

Rechtstreex makes it possible to buy your groceries from local farmers, growers and producers. Order online and collect

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Inside Rotterdam Street Names Defshaven visual-stories-micheile

All street names in Rotterdam will be explained by QR code

Rotterdam is the first city in the Netherlands to explain all its street names. This explanation can be

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Middelland Foto Exhibition

β€˜Middelland Foto’, a neighborhood captured through the lens

A photo exhibition of a vibrant neighbourhood’s recent past Walking through the Middelland these days, you probably wouldn’t

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Elite Retreat

A little over 100 years ago, Kralingen was an independent village where good money was being made in

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Trompenburg Christmas Market

Trompenburg is a beautifully landscaped botanical garden, located on the edge of the city centre in the Kralingen

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10 hotspots on the Meent

Feel like shopping or want to try some delicious food? The Meent is your place to be: this

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