Bobby's Gin Pinang Raci Spice Daryl Lieuw-On

Bobby’s Gin Pinang Raci Spice is launched at De Toko

Bobby’s Dry Gin is launching a new special edition. Bobby’s Gin Pinang Raci Spice Blend No.1 is a blend with five new ingredients inspired by the East. The new spicy and aromatic gin can be tasted at Bobby’s Toko. From June 1 De Toko at the Noordplein transforms into a pop-up for Bobby’s until June 5.

Pinang Raci literally means a mixture of spices. Infusing a gin with herbs, and thus creating his own pinang raci with the flavour of Ambon, was a daily ritual for Bobby Alfons. This inspired his grandsons Sebastiaan and David to create gin and jenever. This Pinang Raci Spice Blend No.1 is a blend of five new oriental ingredients: Daun Salam (Indonesian bay leaf), Turmeric, Galanga (laos), Ginger (ginger) and Sweet Orange. They complement the familiar blend of cloves, cinnamon, lemongrass, Java pepper, coriander and juniper. The gin contains 42% alcohol and the bottle has a capacity of 0.7L.


Bobby’s Gin in the mix

Co-founder David Blom and Daryl Lieuw-On, owner of Rotterdam’s favourite cocktailpub The Rumah, have developed a number of perfect serves. Like the Naku Gimlet. Pour Bobby’s Gin Pinang Raci (55 ml), fresh lime juice (25 ml) and sugar syrup (10 ml) into a cocktail shaker. Add ice cubes, shake well and double strain into a chilled Nick & Nora glass.

For a Spicy Spritz you pour 50 ml Bobby’s Gin Pinang Raci, 50 ml sparkling wine and 50 ml soda water into a wine glass filled with ice cubes. Stir gently with a bar spoon and garnish with an orange slice and a sprig of fresh mint.

The launch of Bobby’s Gin Pinang Raci is celebrated from 1 to 5 June with Bobby’s Toko in De Toko. The take-away by great chef Perry de Man. He has been serving fantastic Indonesian rice tables and dishes for over seven years. For five days only the Bobby’s Ambon Collins paired with Perry’s Ikan Pindang Kunding is ‘on the menu. This dish contains exactly the botanicals of the new gin: Daun Salam, Turmeric and Galangal.

Bobby’s Toko, Noordplein 125 will be open from 5 PM to 8 PM from June 1 to June 5.

Containerbar Noord also serves Bobby’s Gin Pinang Raci cocktails. On Friday 3 June from 8 PM co-founders of the regarded gin brand, David and Sebastiaan are behind the desk to play music during Bobby’s On Tour.

Photography: Gino van Meenen

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