New bicycle parking facility at Centraal Station. Photo by Eric Fecken

New bicycle parking facility at Centraal Station

Rotterdam Central Station has a new bicycle parking facility. Next to the bus station on the Conradstraat, 1000 new spaces have been created for bicycles, mopeds, e-bikes, and delivery bikes.

The new facility is located between green hills on the side of the Central Station, behind the current scooter parking area. The parking facility is accessible via the bicycle path on the west side. And via the double entrance on the east side. The parking facility is in exactly the right spot, according to councilor Judith Bokhove of Mobility, Youth and Language: “From this parking facility, you can be on the platform within a few minutes. Ideal for taking your bike to the station and then catching the train. And of course the other way round: if you arrive in Rotterdam by train, you can quickly cycle into the city.”

This new bicycle parking facility on the Conradstraat will eventually replace the 500 spaces on the Weena. It is being investigated whether this place can be used as a parking facility for scooters. This could offer a solution to the nuisance of all the (shared) scooters and motorbikes parked around the Central Station.

bicycle storage weena. Photo by Eric Fecken
bicycle storage at Weena. Photo by Eric Fecken

More space for the bicycle in Rotterdam

The bicycle is gaining an increasingly prominent role in Rotterdam. There are already more cyclists and pedestrians than motorists in the city, and it is one of the most sustainable forms of transport. The prediction is that there will be even more cyclists in the coming years. That is why Rotterdam is looking at how the city can be better equipped for this. With, among other things, more bicycle sheds to give all those bicycles a place to stay.


Photo by Eric Fecken

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