Einmusik De Achtertuin

Festival De Achtertuin on the grounds of Outdoor Valley

Just outside of Rotterdam you’ll find Outdoor Valley, on the edge of the Hoge Bergse Bos. The perfect spot for a festival. After two years of forced mini-editions Festival De Achtertuin can finally carry out the original plan at this unique location on Saturday 16 July 16.

Visitors can enjoy performances by Mitch de Klein, Einmusik (see coverphoto) and Benny Rodrigues and Analog Kitchen from Rotterdam. More names will follow. The different stages and artistic installations provide an experience in which the visitor imagines himself in a surreal world. In the backyard of Rotterdam, there is also a lot of space for art, nature, and sustainability.

Founder Joost van der Linden is grateful: “After two years of many disappointments, we can finally roll out our plans for the visitors. Everyone is putting in 100% and that is what visitors will notice on this day!”

Co-organiser Rosaline Tรณth agrees: “Our concept remains the same and we are going to do everything we can to make it even more surprising and exhilarating! We are really going for the ultimate festival experience, it will be a good party with a great line-up!”

Art at De Achtertuin

Gaining experiences is central at Festival De Achtertuin. Visitors can wander around installations, visual art, performances and creative interpretations by actors against the backdrop of the lush location. 50:Hertz offers a musical experience with a theatrical twist for example.

Recycled materials make the stages at De Achtertuin
Recycled materials make the stages at De Achtertuin

The festival will be as sustainable as possible. It’s even striving to become one of the most sustainable festivals in the Netherlands. Using green electricity, a 100% vegetarian kitchen, stages made of recycled materials and a deposit system. Waste Waiters’ will help visitors in a playful way to collect waste.

Tickets for De Achtertuin are now available here.


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