Beest Boulders

Beest Boulders take the top of Akragon-building

The Akragon still elegantly terminates the vista along the Coolsingel. This striking sports tower is 50 years old and is part of the monumental Technikon school complex. David Lloyd already operates a gym in the building, but now Beest Boulders Rotterdam occupies the four top levels.

Bouldering is rock climbing without the need for a rope or harness. All you need is a pair of climbing shoes & some chalk. As there are no rocks to climb in the Netherlands, bouldering is usually done indoors on artificial walls up to 4,5 meters high. No need to worry about falling, there’s a thick matt underneath the walls to protect you from injuries.

Bouldering is one of the fastest-growing sports at the moment. As it combines physical strength, technical skill as well as challenging you mentally, it’s not only a great workout but also a rewarding and fun activity. All of this is done in a warm and welcome social environment where hanging out with your friends and simply having a great time might be even more important than the physical challenge.

Bouldering is for everyone! Multiple days a week as a work-out or as a weekend activity with the family. That’s right! You can go bouldering with your kids and all experience the same amount of fun according to your skill level. This makes bouldering a truly unique sport.

There are already some Boulder gyms in Rotterdam like Monk and  Neoliet. Beest (already operating a location in The Hague and two spots in Amsterdam) will be the first Boulder location in the city center. The opening is planned for January 8, 2022.

Beest also offers food and yoga

In Rotterdam, there will be over 220 different boulders. Getting refreshed and renewed every week. There will be a fully equipped training room and a yoga space for the necessary training and stretching! Every week there will be a free walk-in with our in-house physiotherapist who specializes in climbing-related injuries.

The view from the restaurant on the top floor
The view from Beest Boulders

The restaurant on the top floor will offer any type of food or drink while you are enjoying the best views of the city. On a clear day, you can even spot the skyline of The Hague in the distance. And the best part is, our restaurant is open for everyone! Even if you’re not bouldering. The perfect place to work during the day while enjoying the best coffees or hanging out with friends and having craft beers & drinks at night.

The extensive shop carries everything for climbing and bouldering activities. With the new implementation, many visitors can once again enjoy this architectural masterpiece by Hugh Maaskant. He designed the gym tower some 60 years ago. This famous architect from Rotterdam is also known for Hilton Rotterdam, Groot Handelsgebouw, Het Industriegebouw, Euromast, and the building that now houses Fest. There even used to be a restaurant named after him.

Beest Boulders occupies the top 4 levels of Akragon
Beest Boulders on top of Akragon

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