Tec Art Oskar Kish & Eddie Egal - Pandemic Explosion

TEC ART crash lands in Rotterdam city center

During Rotterdam Art Week TEC ART makes a spectacular sight with futuristic fantasies and progressive art. The corner of Boomgaardsstraat and Witte de Withstraat next to WORM will be the setting for an immersive alt-reality that will both overwhelm and intrigue.

Tec ART is a groundbreaking, raw and critical festival exhibition on the cutting edge of art, music and creative technology. The programme kicks off Wednesday, May 18 with a Symposium. The following days are filled with an exhibition, cyberpunk acts, performances and parties.

The game installation Next Space Rebels is by Golden Calf winner Floris Kaayck. You can shoot your own built rocket into the atmosphere. FutureDance of Nostalgia is a game performanceย by Kexin Hao, inspired by nationalistic mass gymnastics sessions. Let the kinetic sculpture Pandemic Explosion by Oskar Kish & Eddie Egal breathe fire and watch the world burn.

Enter the Embassy of Aliens, where Hung Lu Chan breaks stereotypes of aliens. Furthermore, Sarah Fittererr explores the limits of her love for a genetically modified chicken and special guest Stanza builds up his Nemesis Machine consisting of circuit boards and processor chips. DJs perform from a converted Soviet helicopter.

TEC ART is a launching pad

This creative festival brings big names from the art world to Rotterdam and at the same time has an important function as a launching pad for up-and-coming talent. The best of the graduates of creative tec schools throughout the Netherlands make their appearance. The exhibition is complemented by a scientific symposium and a film programme with obscure cyberpunk.ย 

In recent years, TEC ART (an initiative of PLANETART) has presented distinctive large-scale installations in Rotterdam’s outdoor space, such as Luke Jerram’s ultra HD Museum of the Moon in 2017 and Lyle Rowell’s giant cyberdogbot in 2020. In the summer of 2021, TEC ART made a stopover in AVL Mundo. To organise the exhibition FAKE ME HARD together with Stichting Niet Normaal INT. This year, the centre of Rotterdam will once again be the setting for a parade of exciting and interactive creative tec & art.


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