Pastry d’Oro serves Caribbean pastries at the Markthal

Pastry d'Oro

Chef Valentino Jacob brings a new unique pastry concept to the Markthal. He serves savoury Caribbean pastries as well as sweet ones filled with cream and toppings of different delicacies at Pastry d’Oro (Unit 76). He got his inspiration from growing up in the Caribbean food culture. When Valentino was young, his parents were already very […]

Dudok introduces its own artisinal ice cream

dudok ice

Dudok is the most famous bakery in Rotterdam. Especially known for its apple pie. They already used the recipe to make a chocolate bar with Rotterdam-based Johhny Doodle. But now, there comes ice cream in eight different flavours. Including apple pie off course. In the past few months Dudok has worked hard to create a […]