Sabine Marcelis reveals VARMBLIXT collection for IKEA

Sabine Marcelis IKEA VARMBLIXT

IKEA and Rotterdam-based designer Sabine Marcelis want to embrace the potential of light at home and its positive impact on wellbeing. Together they have revealed the first products, spotlighting two luminous lamps for a collection called VARMBLIXT launching in Spring 2023. Sabine Marcelis runs her practice from Steur in the harbor of Rotterdam. After graduating […]

Viltstore uses recycled material for its designs

Viltstore Matthias Wentink

Rotterdam-based Viltstore uses recycled PET bottles to produce felt artwork. The colorful wall panels give a touch-up to every interior and the works of art are acoustically dampening. The company, part of Viltr and operating from Industriegebouw, offers designs from several artists. Local artists like Cora Verhagen and Scherp Interieur provided designs and Stephan Brusche […]