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Sabine Marcelis reveals VARMBLIXT collection for IKEA

IKEA and Rotterdam-based designer Sabine Marcelis want to embrace the potential of light at home and its positive impact on wellbeing. Together they have revealed the first products, spotlighting two luminous lamps for a collection called VARMBLIXT launching in Spring 2023.

Sabine Marcelis runs her practice from Steur in the harbor of Rotterdam. After graduating from the Design Academy of Eindhoven in 2011, Marcelis began working as an independent designer in the fields of product, installation, and spatial design with a strong focus on materiality. Her work has pure forms which highlight material properties. For IKEA Sabine Marcelis has made two signature LED wall lamps that capture the warmth of the collection but also add to the artistic value of home. 

When the lamps are on, they emit a warm light that changes the look and feel of your room. When off, they are beautiful sculptural objects that will make a statement. The sculptural quality of both lamps is emphasized by how the lamp bends out from the wall. Which is a recurring motif in Sabine’s work. The lamps, in their flexible essence, can be mounted both horizontally or vertically. They can be grouped with more lamps as an eye-catching installation in your home.

“As a designer, I am inspired by sculptural lighting and objects in the home that serves more than their functional needs but add to the artistic value of home,” says Sabine Marcelis. “I want people to connect more with their homes. To consider elements such as lighting which enlighten our atmosphere in a simplistic yet sophisticated way,” she adds.

The artistic vision of design by Sabine Marcelis

The collaboration explores light and the feeling of warmth with solutions such as light and home furnishing in their form. It also explores the emotional value in how lights have a place within our space. IKEA is looking into a shift from light that serves a specific function in the home to light that has an emotional impact and contributes to our wellbeing, too. As a brand rooted in the Nordics, we understand the importance of light. Especially going into Autumn when daylight begins to shorten, and our need for warmth is desirable. VARMBLIXT is a part of the journey in creating sensorial and emotional experiences. Which impact how we feel and the atmosphere of home.

“The first-ever sneak peek of the VARMBLIXT collection spotlights a meaningful collaboration where we hope to inspire the many on the impact of emotional lighting,” says Henrik Most, Creative Leader at IKEA of Sweden. “Together with the artistic vision of design by Sabine Marcelis. We are excited to bring a collection that will truly add a sense of warmth and duality to our homes.”

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