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Viltstore uses recycled material for its designs

Rotterdam-based Viltstore uses recycled PET bottles to produce felt artwork. The colorful wall panels give a touch-up to every interior and the works of art are acoustically dampening.

The company, part of Viltr and operating from Industriegebouw, offers designs from several artists. Local artists like Cora Verhagen and Scherp Interieur provided designs and Stephan Brusche supplied his famous bananas.

Matthias Wentink took inspiration from icons in several cities. Of course, there is a Rotterdam-edition with landmarks like the Euromast, De Hef and the Markthal.

Icons of Rotterdam by Mathias Wentink comes in 6 different colours
Icons of Rotterdam by Mathias Wentink comes in 6 different colours

Niels Frenk, co-founder of Viltstore: “Art made of PET felt was actually a spontaneous idea. I wondered why so little is done with this material with so many possibilities.” With more and more value being placed on staying home, it was the right time to launch affordable and sustainable art for consumers.

Viltstore collaborates with a lot more designers – including graphic designers, illustrators and interior stylists – to create different designs. The panels provide a modern look. All products are acoustically damping and sound-absorbing, easy to maintain, and are moisture resistant.

Using PET felt makes less plastic wandering around in nature, and this waste gets a second life. PET-felt of Viltr is environmentally friendly and sustainable. The material has a warm appearance and a unique touch.

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