Versatile Forever is Alone in the Crowd

Versatile-Forever Alone in the crowd Roffa-Tribute

Rotterdam-based Versatile Forever aims to warp the design- and production process of fashion and make upcycling the new norm. The designs are created from existing textile. The fall/winter collection Alone in the Crowd is inspired by fandom subculture. With raw images of real supporters, dressed in unique balaclavas and one-of-a-kind sweaters and spencers made from upcycled […]

The Next Closet goes De Wasserij

The next closet wasserij 2

Tens of thousands of women already buy and sell designer items online through The Next Closet. On May 5 The Next Closet comes together with the tastemakers of Rotterdam at De Wasserij. At the Sint-Agathastraat 54, they offer cocktails, music, and preloved fashion between 1 and 9 PM. Entry to the pop-up is free when […]

Bijenkorf presents unique garment by local designers from De Wasserij

De Wasserij_Bijenkorf

De Wasserij is a fashion hub in a former industrial laundry in the North of the city. At the invitation of the Bijenkorf, ten designers developed a limited edition collection, made with damaged items from the store. The brand new collaboration between the iconic Dutch department store and De Wasserij has led to a collection, […]