Dudok introduces its own artisinal ice cream

dudok ice

Dudok is the most famous bakery in Rotterdam. Especially known for its apple pie. They already used the recipe to make a chocolate bar with Rotterdam-based Johhny Doodle. But now, there comes ice cream in eight different flavours. Including apple pie off course. In the past few months Dudok has worked hard to create a […]


Koekela is an American-style cakes and cookies store. During the weekend, Rotterdammers will line up here to get their fix of brownies, bars, muffins, cakes, scones and other irresistible treats sold by weight or per item. Also cheesecakes, lemon and meringue pies, and Koekela’s very own version of American Pie. Everything is made by hand […]


A new brasserie in The Heerenhuys, Dudok is owned by the people behind Zochers and Heerenhuis De Heuvel, its predecessors being in the same building. The catering company Dudok has owned the 18th-century villa near the Euromast for more than 25 years. This latest venture follows the rhythm of Het Park, serving breakfast, mid-morning coffee, […]