Greenwheels let’s you pull up to a Drive-In Cinema

On 21 June 1995, the very first Greenwheels car set wheel on Dutch soil in a Rotterdam parking garage. It was the first shared car company in the Netherlands. To celebrate 25 years of Greenwheels they will organise a Drive-In Cinema in cooperation with Pleinbioscoop and ss Rotterdam in hometown Rotterdam!

To get a ticket to the showing of Little Miss Sunshine you must book the nearest red VW up! in the app. When the car is reserved you can register a ticket. The fee of € 25 per car includes rental of your Greenwheels from and to the location and a snack. The Drive-In Cinema will take place September 30th and October 1st on the car park of the ss Rotterdam in Rotterdam-Katendrecht at 3e Katendrechtse Hoofd.

Rolling out Greenwheels

After the start in 1995 Greenwheels joined forces with the NS in 1997, the start of a long-standing and good partnership. Instead of replacing another form of transport, a shared car is an addition to the network. Greenwheels soon expanded they network to 33 Dutch cities. In 2004, Greenwheels entered the German market, following the acquisition of StattAuto and Shelldrive. In 2015, Volkswagen Financial Services and Pon Holdings acquired a stake in Greenwheels for the further (international) roll-out of the concept.

Together with Pon and Volkswagen Leasing, Greenwheels ensures that our customers drive comfortable, energy-efficient and safe cars. Currently our shared car fleet consists of Volkswagen up!, Golf Variant, Caddy and e-Golf cars. 

The common goal (in the meantime new partners like mobility providers: Next, Radiuz, Mobiliteitsfabriek and Shuttel also went on board) is to make cities more liveable. By sharing cars with one another, there will be more free space for fun things like plants and places to play. Every Greenwheels car is shared by 24 drivers on average, reducing the number of cars on the streets by 11. Also reducing the CO2 emissions and makes users take a more efficient and conscious approach to mobility.

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