Striking views from the renewed Euroscoop

The Euromast has reopened the Euroscoop with unique new additions after months of renovation. The special Rotterdam icon is a popular (tourist) attraction that attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. With a height of 185 meters, visitors experience a spectacular view of the city. The renovated Euroscoop is the absolute highlight.

The Colourful experience starts right from the entrance platform. The colors of the European flag by Rem Koolhaas are the inspiration. They are incorporated into lamellas with quotes in more than forty languages. A light show and music by Rotterdam DJ Oliver Heldens whip visitors up for the ride to the top. During a ride lasting a total of seven minutes, visitors travel to the highest point of the Euromast. There they see the entire city from a 360-degree perspective. Meanwhile, a voice-over poetically tells you about the city and its inhabitants, its colourfulness, diversity and Rotterdam’s special position as a world port in the heart of Europe. With the theme ‘Colourful Rotterdam’ visitors are taken along in the story of the city in which the diverse and colourful character is emphasized.

The icon of Rotterdam

With the new experience, the Euromast puts a magnifying glass on Rotterdam and all its nationalities. Rotterdam is a city where people from all over Europe and the world live and work. With 170 nationalities, the European motto “United in diversity” really comes to life in this city. The Euromast is the icon of Rotterdam and honors the diversity of the city. Besides the diversity of the inhabitants of Rotterdam and the diversity of the visitors, the Euromast also focuses on the diversity of the city itself with this colorful concept. The tower puts a magnifying glass on the beautiful view and tells with Rotterdam pride about the identity, the many colorful buildings and everything the city has to offer. Visitors to the renovated Euroscoop now experience a ‘journey from me to we’, with which the Euromast emphasizes the power of connecting and coming together.

Besides the Euroscoop experience, the Euromast is also part of the Magnicity App. It gives information about more than fifty iconic buildings, some even admire in 3D. Besides architecture, historic Rotterdam also plays a role in the app. Through VR technology you can see what the city looked like after the bombing in 1940 and how the fire border runs through Rotterdam. This special app and the new Euroscoop experience make a visit to the iconic Euromast a complete experience.

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