STORE STORE is a design shop driving social change

STORE is an association of artists, architects, and designers, enabling public access to art and design. It was founded in 2010 in London and now there is also a location in Rotterdam, it operates a design shop and workshop with an educational program. 

STORE’s main mission is to ensure that the next generation of designers is as diverse as the society we work in. That’s why it offers free educational programs that connect young people with established designers. During various public events, the foundation shares knowledge and skills.

STORE STORE is located on the Gouvernestraat (near Kino), young people from Rotterdam can work together with established designers like local Lex Pott on design and production projects after school.

STORE STORE on Gouvernestraat
STORE STORE on Gouvernestraat

At STORE STORE, young people learn with practicing artists and designers to discover and develop their creative talents, learn practical skills, grow confidence and build portfolios in art and design.

During the day, the space is used both as a shop and as an exhibition space. Current projects and previous projects are on display. The objects like homeware, accessories and furniture created during so-called Design Clubs are sold at the shop and online. The participants receive royalties just like real designers. Work by established designers is also for sale. All proceeds go to the educational program. The goal is that the shop will be able to make the program financially independent.

After school, the space is used for workshops. Those are free of charge, so everyone can participate.

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