Madsin at Scumbash

Schorem presents rock ‘n roll festival Scumbash

Schorem is an internationally notorious barbershop on the Nieuwe-Binnenweg. The barbers make look rough and like their music loud. But underneath they really just want to share good times. That’s why they organise Scumbash once again after a few years of absence.

Scumbash is a music festival programmed by the barbers of Schorem. Expect loud music like punk, rock ‘n roll and psychobilly from international acts.

In the Onderzeebootloods 20 bands will play their hearts out. Some legendary bands are invited. The Exploited and Toy Dolls are both English punk rock bands formed in the ’70s. Mad Sin is a German psychobilly group that began in 1987.

Local bands

Of course, some local acts will also play in their hometown. Batmobile is a Dutch psychobilly band from Rotterdam and Breda, formed in 1983. The Apers started back in 1996 as a three-piece in the suburbs of Rotterdam.

The heart monitors are a new band from Rotterdam. Mixing  punkrock, hardcore and oldschool streetpunk.

Get your tickets here.

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