Spazio is the new American Italian restaurant next to a runway

Right next to the runway of Rotterdam The Hague Airport, Spazio will open its doors. This restaurant, lounge & bar offers pure, honest dishes that have their origins in Italian cuisine with influences from America.

This American Italian style refers to the long history of Italians who emigrated to cities like New York and Boston. They brought with them their centuries-old traditions, which gave rise to new favourite dishes.

On the menu are XL pizza’s for example, with a diameter of 50 centimetres, fresh pasta, tender steaks and street food. The open kitchen with its Anti Pasti bar and impressive Morretti Pizza oven allow guests to watch the food being prepared. Comfortable booths and cosy corners further characterise the child-friendly restaurant.

The interior of Spazio
The interior of Spazio

From the American Italian restaurant, it’s also easy to spot the aeroplanes, jets and helicopters landing at and departing from Rotterdam The Hague Airport. The characteristic building is a copy of café-restaurant Waalhaven. This restaurant was located at the former airport in the Southern part of Rotterdam. That’s why the predecessor of Spazio was very popular among plane spotters. They are of course very welcome at Spazio. The spacious terrace gives an impressive view.

The accessible location, close to the city and next to the motorway, and the free parking make Spazio very attractive. The venue is perfect for lunches, drinks, dinners, and (business) events. Besides the bar, the restaurant, the large terrace, and the spacious garden, which are suitable for various possibilities, there are also two exclusive boardrooms and two large multifunctional rooms with their own terrace. Groups can come to Spazio for any occasion. Weddings, family days, (garden) parties, friends’ outings, workshops, presentations, meetings.

Spazio is located at Malpensabaan 3.
It’s open every day: 12:00 AM – 12 PM

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