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De Maaltuin serves a unique experience at Trompenburg

De Maaltuin is a traveling restaurant that has been opening at special locations such as castles, palaces, museums or botanical gardens since 2016. From 7 April, the spring edition will be held at Trompenburg in Kralingen, Rotterdam.

De Maaltuin introduces visitors to special locations in a unique way. Through a delicious dinner with fresh products and elements from the garden. Paired with matching drinks like wine, beer and mocktails and live music. Visitors discover the special story of the location that way. Each edition of De Maaltuin is unique and remains a surprising experience to be enjoyed again and again.

The pop-up catering experience will be held at Trompenburg several times this year. Each edition is special. The theme of this coming edition is biodiversity, celebrating the beauty of spring. The garden will be in full bloom, allowing visitors to marvel at the flora and fauna around them.


Cover: Dique 

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