The arrival of Sinterklaas

This Dutch tradition can seem confusing or just plain weird. While the rest of the world knows December for the celebration of Christmas, the Dutch fool their kids with Sinterklaas, a Spanish bishop. But who has his origin in the 4th century in Myra? Nevertheless, his arrival is always a nice spectacle for children.

After a digital event last year, this year marks the 70th time Saint Nicholas will arrive in Rotterdam. On Saturday, November 13th his ship will moor at the Willemsplein. After this, he will get on his horse and tour the city. The parade will end at the stage of the Grotekerkplein.

The Sinterklaas parade is organised by the Rotterdam Student Corps. They started in 1952. Nowadays the arrival is planned in cooperation with Rotterdam Events, Rotterdam Festivals, and the Municipality of Rotterdam.


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