Sennheiser opens shop-in-shop at Schoonenberg World of Hearing experience centre

Sennheiser will open a shop-in-shop in the new World of Hearing centre in Rotterdam. The location is Sennheiser’s only physical retail outlet for consumers in Europe. The shop-in-shop can be found in the eighth Dutch World of Hearing location of hearing specialist Schoonenberg.

Schoonenberg’s new shop concept ‘World of Hearing’ focuses on hearing solutions for everyone. Among other things, the experience centre features technologies for interactive hearing experiences and personalised hearing protection. Customers can then also get to work themselves or under the guidance of a hearing specialist. For example, in the Experience Room, everyday sound situations can be depicted of a noisy restaurant or a meeting with ambient noise. This technique allows people to experience what a speech enhancement device like the Conversation Clear Plus can do for them in real-life situations. The special room is also suitable for a partner or family member of people with hearing difficulties.

During the opening days Sennheiser brought the HE 1 headphones in town. They are worth €69,000 and are the most epensive headphones available. These headphones have an audio range from 8 Hz to over 100 kHz, and the lowest distortion ever measured in a sound reproduction system: 0.01% at 1 kHz, 100 dB SPL. Sennheiser HE 1 is the first electrostatic headphones with a Cool Class MOS-FET high-voltage amplifier integrated into the ear cups. The amplifier sits on a housing made of glass, and a solid block of Carrara marble.

The HE1 was only there for the opening. But almost the entire Sennheiser portfolio can be found in the shop-in-shop.

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