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Sari Rikken expands the lifespan of flowers

Sari Rikken is a product designer and a florist. At her studio in Huidenclub she handcrafts ceramics for her Tableware Collection. Floral Lab is another project, these modular vases help consumers to make use of the full potential of flowers.

Sari was introduced to ceramics by her mother. A clay artist herself, she learned the basic skills from a very young age. At the Willem de Kooning Academy, she explored the craft more. During an internship at Studio Mulders in Perth, Australia she designed the Tableware Collection. The organic shaped tableware consists of a plate, pasta bowl, pastry plate, and four types of bowls in a range of colours. They are designed to serve a natural portion size and invite you to consume each meal more mindful.

Floral Lab

Back in Rotterdam, Sari Rikken graduated with Floral Lab. It started with a drive to expand the lifespan of flowers. But it evolved into an exploration of the power of plants. Even though having almost ten years of experience as a certified florist, she finally learned about the ability to heal and nurture. The Floral lab is a modular vase of 4 elements. It helps to arrange the flowers, and by re-arranging the vase to mortar, sieve, and carafe, the flowers can be prepared flowers for culinary, medicinal, or for cosmetical purposes next.  






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