Steur shows itself during Rotterdam Art Week

A former power station on Galileïstraat is now home to Steur. A shelter for innovative, progressive makers and thinkers who operate on the cutting edge of art, design, technology, and sustainability.

After the successful participation during Rotterdam Art Week last year, STEUR is opening its doors once again for visitors to get a look behind the scenes of the monumental building. and its unlikely tenants such as Dion Soethoudt, Johannes Langkamp, Laurids Gallée, Massimo Pavan, Moonra, Ward van Gemert, Sabine Marcelis, Peter de Groot, Marten Middelkoop – Joost Dingemans (Plasticiet).

The residents will be joined by Rotterdam based artists Adriaan Lokman, Pieter van Dijen, Gyz La Rivière, Jeroen Koolhaas, Joep van Lieshout, Luuk Bode, Marie Louise Elshout, Solko Schalm, Remty Elenga & Remco van Halderen (Rem Atelier), Theo Rooden, Pieter Vos & Rens Muis (75B).

Up-and-coming talents

In addition to established designers and studios, STEUR provides a platform for Rotterdam up-and-coming talents like Sam Janssen, Alba Versteeg (studio AL-Ver), Tijs Struijk & Latisha Loos (Bold. Studio) & Erik van Schaften (Atelier Schaft), David Visser, Max Bernaerts, Dina Al-Hamdany, Eliza Heath (uncultered), Kyara van Meel, Nanno Simonis, Lara Bruggeman and Lynn Somers.

Sabine Marcelis is one of the unlikely tenants at Steur
Sabine Marcelis is one of the unlikely tenants at Steur

From May 19 to 22, visitors can see the work of tenants such as Sabine Marcelis and Joost Dingemans (Plasticiet). Leading artists join the tenants. Such as Gyz La Rivière, Jeroen Koolhaas, Joep van Lieshout, Luuk Bode, Rem Atelier and 75B. For the first time, the former 1930s turbine hall that formed the core of the Steur power plant is now open to the public.

The evening program will take place in the recently renovated Steur Garden. The country’s leading visual artists will be on display. During the evening there will be various panels and interviews. The first STEUR’ed not Shaken artist award will also be presented in the popular outdoor venue.

Steur is a monumental beacon and driving creative force in the upcoming energetic M4H area. It houses a carefully curated productive ecosystem that stimulates innovative entrepreneurship on a local and international level.

Summer at Steur Garden

Steur Garden has its opening weekend on May 20 and 21. With the program they are focusing on giving a platform to local talent.  Luce Bree, Peter Groovin, and Suze Ijo play on May 20. Oberman, Ofra, and Pohon are on the line-up on May 21.

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