Rotterdam Chinese New Year by Evert Buitendijk

Rotterdam Chinese New Year celebrates the tiger

As Rotterdam has a big Chinese population the Chinese New Year will be celebrated enthusiastically. It begins Tuesday, February 1st, 2022. It will kick off the Year of the Tiger. The zodiac of 2022. 

From 1 February onwards, activities will be organised at various locations throughout Rotterdam. Residential complexes will be visited also. The West-Kruiskade will be decorated with Chinese lanterns lighting up the street. And the zodiac statues, painted by local artists, will be spread throughout the city. First the sculptures can be seen from 1 to 13 February in the Markthal Rotterdam and next, from 13 to 23 February, in the Timmerhuis Rotterdam.

On 12 February, the highlight will be on and around the West-Kruiskade. A big parade will take place through Rotterdam city, where you can enjoy a beautiful traditional lion dance, dragon dancers and other cultural performances, enjoy the Chinese kitchen and off course popping fireworks.

Coverphoto by Evert Buitendijk

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