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Walk in the shoes of Robin van Persie

Robin van Persie is a true football legend. The Rotterdam native is one of the best strikers of his generation, scoring goals for Arsenal, Manchester United, Fenerbahçe and of course Feyenoord. He ended his impressive career two years ago. He now found time to team up with shoemaker Floris van Bommel to design a collection.

Van Persie is currently an assistant manager at his boyhood club in his first managerial role and he is a tv-analyst. But he’s also into fashion so he and Floris van Bommel have worked on 3 styles that each reflect Robin’s personal taste. A collaboration to dream of for Floris: “If Robin had called to ask if I would have time to come to his house to pick out the weeds between the terrace tiles, I would have done so without hesitation. Because, Robin van Persie. But fortunately, it was about making a line of shoes together. That is even more fun. Robin came to us in Moergestel for an extensive brainstorming session with these 3 shoes as a result.”

The capsule collection consists of 3 models: a high-top trainer with basketball influences, a low trainer that finds its inspiration in 80s tennis shoes and a somewhat more classic desert boot. All shoes are fitted with Robin’s ‘ByVP’ tag and logo.

A perfect reflection

Robin: “It was a super fun process, together with Floris and his team, to come to this collection. The three models are a perfect reflection of what I personally like. Casual with a sporty touch.”

The three models ByVP
The three models ByVP

The high-top trainer is custom-designed for Robin van Persie. It’s made of different white and off white materials. Dark blue details break the white and give the shoe its own character.

The Tennis sneaker’s style, colour and material are exactly according to Robin’s wishes. This trainer finds its inspiration in
80s tennis shoes. The silhouette is defined by the tight lacing and grey and dark brown nubuck with croco embossing.

The desert boot has been given a sporty underwork. The heel is finished with dark brown nubuck that has a croco embossing.

Suits Robin van Persie perfectly

Floris: “Together with Robin and his wife Bouchra we have been thinking a lot about the style. We showed them all our latest developments for inspiration. Technical materials, new silhouettes, custom trainer soles, high-tech textiles and other innovations. While we were busy doing that, Robin had already made his choice. He found an oldschool darkbrown dessert boot of our classic Van Bommel-brand in our design room. He put them on and lied them immediately. In consultation, we gave them a fresh update and now it is also my favourite. It’s a stylish, sporty desert boot that suits Robin perfectly.”

Floris van Bommel and Robin van Persie
Floris van Bommel and Robin van Persie

The 3 models are available now as a limited edition. You can buy them at the brand new online platform of Robin van Persie, via the Floris van Bommel webshop and De Bijenkorf.

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