Gita Buhari at Rauw by Yaqine Hamzaoui

Rauw presents raw jazz by Jameszoo’s Blind Group and Gita Buhari

Since 2001, Festival Jazz International Rotterdam has been a successful jazz festival in Rotterdam with current and high-quality jazz. But the festival is now called: RAUW. Further cementing the ambitions of offering raw adventurous music that explores the fringes of jazz.

RAUW stands for adventurous music that explores the fringes of jazz. The festival presents artists who not only caress the ears, but also challenge, ask questions and amaze. Almost everything presented at RAUW is new, perhaps still in development or even in an experimental phase. 

This year Annabel is the stage for Jameszoo’s Blind Group, Alessandro Fongaro with The Pack Project and Witch ‘n’ Monk x Suzana Lașcu. Rotown brings FAST DE, Nout AND local talent Gita Buhari.


Photo: Yaqine Hamzaoui

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