petite ganache

Petite Ganache is a unisex and inclusive childrenswear brand

Laura Lakam believes that children are a reflection of their parents, and this is reflected in how they dress their kids. But what happens when something is missing in the childrenswear market. Then you take matters into your own hands and create a new brand: Petite Ganache.

Laura is from Paris but is now based in Rotterdam and when her daughter Lou Mavo began growing up, Laura especially didn’t find the right trousers. She decided to create the garment herself while bringing up her daughter and working as a pastry chef. Hence the name Petite Ganache. Petite of course means small in French and Ganache has a double meaning. A ganache is a combination of chocolate and double cream in French cuisine but also means ‘face’ in slang. Together it means Little Face.

Launched in the summer of 2019, Petite Ganache was inspired by Laura’s daughter Lou Mavo. As Lou began growing, Laura especially didn’t find the right trousers. She decided to create the garment herself while bringing up her daughter and working as a chef.

Taking cues from her knowledge of streetwear, Laura first designed trousers just for Lou. The silhouette was oversized and allowed freedom of movement. She uses pleated cotton trousers that are crafted in Portugal from organic cotton twill. A lightweight yet highly durable organic cotton that lasts. The style of the pants quickly caught the attention of many on social media and custom order requests began to arrive. From a simple and private craft, created for her daughter, Petite Ganache became a business in just one and half years during the pandemic.

The oversized trousers by Petite Ganache
The oversized Camo pants by Petite Ganache

Laura’s designs use both contemporary and timeless elements to bring fresh updates to the childrenswear market: “My design approach for the trousers is very straightforward – creating an oversized silhouette so kids grow into it and that would allow parents to save money in the long run. Think about pay per wear”.

With this approach, Laura wants to help parents to spend less and buy better. The premium quality of the collection means the pieces are made to last and can be
passed on to siblings, cousins, and friends and importantly, can be shared between boys and girls. “I also don’t follow seasons. The clothes and accessories should be worn all year round, regardless of seasons”.

Next to the trousers with unique prints, Petite Ganache also carries accessories such as bandanas and socks.

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