Parcls opens its first parcel point in Rotterdam

Parcls is a parcel service where consumers can store, collect, return and have their parcels delivered at home. The company started in 2016 with its first neighborhood parcel point in Amsterdam. It now branches out to Rotterdam.

The parcel service will open its first Rotterdam neighborhood parcel point in the Schilderstraat. The municipality of Rotterdam supports the initiative. Parcls makes Rotterdam cleaner immediately, says CEO Marlies van Lohuizen “In this area, 25.000 households can make use of our services. By collecting online orders or having them delivered to their homes by electric carrier bicycle, residents contribute to the sustainability and quality of life in the area.” And that’s not all as far as she is concerned. “Everything that has to do with parcels, we want to make more sustainable.”

Parcls works together with large delivery companies such as DHL, UPS and DPD, and several webshops. The stores are more than just pick-up points. From the shops, parcels are also delivered to and collected from private individuals and companies. With a Parcls subscription, customers can determine at what time the courier will visit. A total of 12,000 consumers and 50 companies are already using the service.

Parcls has big ambitions in the field of sustainability. The company wants to put an end to the waste of money, time, and energy in the parcel market. The delivery of Parcls with electric carrier bicycles is completely emission-free. Less polluting vans in the city means less CO2 emissions, the company states. The company is also working on a programme for cardboard collection and recycling.

The company wants to open at least five shops in each city like they already do in Amsterdam, in order to pursue emission-free parcel delivery everywhere with bundled deliveries.

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