Margreeth Oltshoorn - Inside Rotterdam

Opening Margreeth Olsthoorn and JIP   

Mother and Daughter in Business!

Margreeth Olsthoorn (known from Rotterdam’s high-end fashion store with the same name) just opened a new multi-brand store together with her daughter Jip, by the name “MARGREETH OLSTHOORN x JIP _ Downtown”. This multi-brand store is not only distinctive due to the collaboration with daughter Jip, but also through an innovative compilation of styles.

At MARGREETH OLSTHOORN x JIP _ Downtown, high-end fashion brands are mixed with upcoming, underground labels. The concept for the interior of this new store is a collaboration between Elma Boxel from architecture firm ZUS and artist Jeroen Koolhaas, while the execution of the interior is in the hands of Studio GriD. The store also hosts a DJ booking office and a nail studio, because as daughter Jip says, “nothing is about just one thing anymore these days.”

Open since July, Kruiskade 70

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