Lusthofstraat O Donnell

A lot of new developments on the Lusthofstraat

The Lusthofstraat is one of the best-known and most vibrant shopping streets in Kralingen. Located in the heart of the chic old neighborhood. There are more than 65 shops and eateries like Master’s Tea & Coffee, Alexanderhoeve, Il Capo, and Elle & Moi. Some new companies have opened their doors recently to make the street even more appealing.

BUUF Shop at Lusthhofstraat
BUUF Shop at Lusthhofstraat

Buuf Shop

In Rotterdam you call your female neighbour: ‘Buuf.’ Well two neighbours from Kralingen became friends and decided to open a small concept store. They sell second-hand children’s clothes and affordable local gifts like stationery from MIEKinvorm, jewellery from Bazou and Handmade by Fre and Rotterdam produced goodies like PUUR chocolate and Erasmusdrop.

Lusthofstraat 35a

Tue-Sat 9:30 AM – 5 PM

Le Fanfare at the Lusthofstraat
Le Fanfare at the Lusthofstraat

Le Fanfare

A couple of years ago Juffrouw van Zanten was opened. A hip coffee bar where you can take your kids. The owners did extensive research into the best toys available. Because they made rather large orders they set up a webshop with toys. Soon a physical toyshop followed. Le Fanfare at the Freericksplaats in Hillegersberg also sells clothing and lifestyle products. Now there is a second store in Kralingen. With a small candy shop!

Lusthofstraat 42a

Open: Tue – Fri 10 AM – 5.30 PM, Sat 10 AM – 5 PM

O'Donnell Moonshine at Lusthofstraat
O’Donnell Moonshine at Lusthofstraat


Spike O’Donnell was the leader of one of the most notorious gangs in Chicago during the Prohibition. It’s now the inspiration of a Berlin brand of liquors. The drinks with specific flavours like Sticky Toffee, Tough Nuts, Roasted Apple and Bitter Rose are preserved in Mason Jars, just like the bootleggers did in the Roaring Twenties. O’Donnell opened a flagship store in Kralingen, the first in Holland.

Lusthofstraat 33 a

Open: Tues – Sat 10 AM – 5 PM

The history of the Lusthofstraat

Lusthofstraat takes its name from the former Lusthof estate. It was situated east of Adamshoflaan at Beneden-Oostzeedijk and extended to Groene Wetering. This large country estate already existed in the 18th century in Kralingen.

Kralingen itself was traditionally a seigniory, to which the Van Cralinghen family probably owed its name. Possibly the first member of Kralingen is derived from the personal name Kracho or Krako. A Hugo van Cralinghen is mentioned as early as 1244. The oldest lords of Cralinghen lived in the castle Honingen. The manor of Kralingen was bought by the city of Rotterdam in 1668. In 1795, the bailiffs and aldermen of the manor acted as municipal authorities and Kralingen became a rural municipality.

The old village of Kralingen has completely disappeared. It was located in the area of the current Prins Alexanderpolder. All that remains of this village is the cemetery ‘Oud-Kralingen’. In the first half of the 19th century, a new village arose at the four-way junction of Oudedijk, ‘s-Gravenweg, Hoflaan, and Kortekade. In 1895 the village was annexed by Rotterdam.

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