Instakerstboom Laurenskerk

See your own Instagram photo in the christmas tree of the Laurenskerk

The Laurenskerk is the oldest building in Rotterdam. So it’s no surprise that the impressive National Monument is photographed a lot. To this day, the hashtag #laurenskerk has been used over 12,000 times on Instagram. The pictures are now used to decorate the Christmas tree.

The Great or St. Lawrence Church was originally built between 1449 and 1525. Ever since it has traditionally served as the most important church in the city. It is the only remaining late Gothic building in Rotterdam, which was originally medieval. For many, the Laurenskerk is a symbol of Rotterdam’s history. For example, in the Middle Ages, citizenship of Rotterdam could be purchased by contributing 3000 stones to the construction of the church tower. Images of the badly-damaged building during World War II and its reconstruction afterward grew to represent the good fortune of the city and its residents.

Use the hashtag #instakerstboom

The church still is one of the most photographed buildings in the city. Just like two years ago the big collection of photos that can be found on social media are usedΒ to decorate its Christmas tree.

Everyone canΒ share a photo of the Laurenskerk on Instagram with the hashtag #instakerstboom. The selected Instagram photos will be printed and hung in the Christmas tree. The decorating process can be followed via a Livestream.

From December 18th, the richly decorated Instakerstree can be admired in the Laurenskerk. From January the photos can be collected at the Laurenskerk by the creators to take home.

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