Kuyls Fundatie

New life for historic Kuyl’s Fundatie in Kralingen

Dudok Horeca Group has been an established brand in Dutch hospitality for over 30 years. It started with a regarded restaurant on the Meent and since then various locations, patisserie shops and bakeries have been opened in Rotterdam and other cities. Kuyl’s Fundatie in Kralingen is now part of the portfolio.

This historic building at the ‘s-Gravenweg in Rotterdam-Kralingen is a location with a unique history, where the original elements and atmosphere have been preserved until today. Located on the Vredenoord estate, you will find this beautiful estate; an oasis of peace and greenery in the middle of Rotterdam. Exclusivity, atmosphere, and style are embraced by the rich history of Kuyl’s Fundatie.

It’s the perfect location to pause and reflect on a special event while enjoying a bite to eat and a drink. At this location, Dudok will cater for weddings and parties for groups of up to approximately 100 people. The monumental value and history of the building will be taken into account at all times.

The intimate ambiance of this location lends itself perfectly to weddings and small gatherings. Those interested can contact Dudok e-mail: kuylsfundatie@dudok.nl

The perfect place for weddings and small gatherings
The perfect place for weddings and small gatherings

History of the Kuyl’s Fundatie

The monumental building is a real eye-catcher on the ‘s Gravenweg, but its social history is unknown to many people. The initiative was taken by Anthony and Anthonetta Kuijl. They left a document in their will stating that the largest part of their estate was destined for an institution for widows and elderly women. It was also recorded that this would be called the Kuijl’s Fundatie.

The courtyard was not intended for ladies with money. Residents of the courtyard received free accommodation and an allowance of fl. 100,- a year. Above all, the ladies had to be of impeccable character. Today, single women still live there, but not all the rules are observed anymore. However, there is still a waiting list.

De Kuyl’s Fundatie is one of the few courtyards that Rotterdam still has today. Once built on the Schiekade, it was moved brick by brick to Kralingen in the early 1970s. Part of the old building is in Dordrecht near the Grote Kerk and has been owned for some time by Dudok Real Estate. Dudok Real Estate develops and invests in real estate and focuses on Real Estate and Monumental Real Estate among other areas. They already own  the HAKA-gebouw, De Hofbogen,  Diepeveen, Schiecentrale and Rotterdamsche Lloyd. It’s also a shareholder of Dudok Horeca Group. Dudok Horeca Group is known for the restaurant at the Meent, a restaurant in the Park and a pop-up at the Maas.


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