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Kellogg’s presents a bike booth on Eendrachtsplein

On September 2, Kellogg’s presents a bike booth on the Eendrachtsplein where passers-by are invited to have their bikes painted by street art artists.

From 10 AM Kellogg’s stimulates creativity and imagination in the city where the streets are filled with art. Bicycles are inextricably linked to Dutch culture; there are now said to be some 22.8 million bicycles on the Dutch streets. For Kellogg’s an excellent opportunity to turn these bicycles into riding works of art.

During the campaign, three well-known street art artists will be on the Eendrachtsplein in Rotterdam. The Dutch Niels Popkema and Micha de Bie and the German Till Jürgens will unleash their creativity on the bikes and turn each one into a work of art.

Feed Your Imagination by Kellogg’s

Prior to the event, 20 white bicycles will be placed around the square by the food company to attract the attention of locals. These will also be taken care of and passers-by will have the chance to win a bike by giving a spin on the wheel of fortune. Other prizes are prizes headphones or water bottles.

These actions are part of the Feed Your Imagination campaign, with which Kellogg’s wants to bring back the imagination in people’s lives in a positive way. The vision of the Kellogg Company is a world in which people not only get to eat but also find fulfillment. Mainly through brands like Pringles, Frosties, and Rice Krispies. In 2021, net sales reached nearly US$14.2 billion. These sales consist primarily of snacks and ready-to-eat meals such as breakfast cereals, frozen foods and noodles. With the Kellogg’s Better Days campaign the company strives to bring brighter days to 3 billion people by the end of 2030.


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