House of Cocktails in Markthal

House of Cocktails is now open at the Markthal

House of Cocktails has been operating a mobile cocktail bar since 2015. It now also has a stand in the Markthal. The company is known for exuberant cocktails.

The mobile bar can be hired for parties, events, festivals, weddings, baby showers, birthdays and children’s parties. Because House of Cocktails also serves alcohol-free cocktails for the kids!

Workshops by House of Cocktails

House of Cocktails can also provide workshops on location. During the workshop, all the ins & outs of different cocktails will be revealed! The function of different professional bar tools is explained and the techniques that every bartender should know are educated.

House of Cocktails is open at Markthal every day from 10 AM to 8 PM. At Sundays, there are open from 12 to 8 PM.

Other newcomers

Another recent newcomer is Uncle Wang.  It serves dumplings produced in the first professional dumpling factory in Europe. The Chinese delicacies are produced without any chemical additives so it offers a pure natural taste. There is a variety of filling options and sauces.

Also De Beren is opening soon. This chain started in Rotterdam in 1984. Since then, the concept has grown into a  formula with over 75 restaurants and its own delivery service. There are already three restaurants in hometown Rotterdam: Schouwburgplein, Cor Kieboomplein and the Alexandrium Shopping Centre Rotterdam. It

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