Get started, Rotterdammers!

Get started, Rotterdammers! That was the slogan (‘Aan den slag’) with which the people of Rotterdam were called upon to roll up their sleeves and rebuild the city after the Second World War. There was an illuminated advertisement on the Coolsingel since November ’45 with the words: Aan den slag – Rotterdammers weten van aanpakken. (‘Get started/back to work – Rotterdammers know how to handle’).

The slogan ‘Aan Den Slag’ is even more on topic than usual in 2021. After months of lockdowns and curfews that shut down large parts of the Rotterdam economy, it is important that we now start to rebuild Rotterdam together.


Aan den slag

They’re also going to ‘Get Started’ in Miniworld. This fun attraction is working towards reopening after corona.  Together with their industry peers in the hospitality and leisure economy, Miniworld wants to make a strong effort to work together on the successful reconstruction of Rotterdam companies.

Join in!

They are looking for “Aan Den Slag” – partners in the city! Will you join them? As a first step, the historic “Aan Den Slag” monument has been given a permanent place in the miniature world. Now to rebuild the city in a completely different way.

As a second step, they’re going to do a special promotion in the city of Rotterdam, where we will place a miniature version of this “Aan Den Slag” monument at various locations in the city. Can you find all locations?

As a third step, they would like to call on their coleagues in the Rottedam leisure economy to place a miniature copy at their location. Photograph it spectacularly so that Miniworld can share it on social media!

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