Hardt Hyperloop Rotterdam

Hardt Hyperloop moves headquarters to Rotterdam

Hardt is developing a hyperloop. A team of students at TU Delft started the company in 2017. The scale-up will move from Delft to the Rotterdam Science Tower this June. The move will enable the tech company to further realize its growth ambitions and the realization of the hyperloop.

A hyperloop is basically a tube in a large sealed, low-pressure system (usually a long tunnel). The pod is a coach pressurized at atmospheric pressure that runs substantially free of air resistance or friction inside this tube, using aerodynamic or magnetic propulsion. A viable candidate for the first commercial hyperloop route is a corridor between Rotterdam and Amsterdam.

Research demonstrates the possibilities. The realisation of a hyperloop network for cargo between the two cities will cause a one-million-tonne reduction in CO2 emissions and could lead to a significant improvement in air quality. Transporting goods by hyperloop also has a positive economic impact on the logistics sector and allows for better utilization and freed up capacity of the current infrastructure.

Since its start, Hardt has developed Europe’s first operational hyperloop test facility. Hardt currently has 42 employees and has grown into an international company. The Science Tower in Rotterdam is a perfect match for the growth ambition and future plans of Hardt Hyperloop.

The tech company’s relocation to Rotterdam demonstrates the innovative strength within the region and the importance of regional cooperation. The Technical University in Delft is and will continue to be, an important cluster location for knowledge creation and talent development. The City of Rotterdam, with its history and economic strength, provides a strong foundation for further international growth.

Hardt is also building an Experience Centre

Bertrand van Ee on behalf of Hardt Hyperloop: “In the Science Tower, we have found a wonderful new operating base. We are moving into an 800m2 space, which is twice as big as the current location. Hardt is also building an Experience Centre there, where in addition to experiencing the hyperloop, there will also be room for co-creation between the business community, knowledge institutes, and the government for the further development of the hyperloop.”

Hardt moves to the Rotterdam Science Tower
Hardt moves to the Rotterdam Science Tower

Roos Vermeij, Rotterdam Vice Mayor for Economics: “We are delighted with the arrival of Hardt Hyperloop in Rotterdam. This scale-up is bringing knowledge and innovative capacity, two important pillars of our new economy, and will create employment in the region. Rotterdam traditionally is a blue-collar city with its focus on the future. Hardt fits in seamlessly with this. It’s also a valuable addition to the M4H-area, where living, working, and innovation will soon go hand in hand.”

Delft Alderman for Economics Bas Vollebregt. “Of course, we would have liked to have kept Hardt Hyperloop in Delft. But Hardt Hyperloop also fits in well with the Rotterdam ecosystem. Given the short distance and the presence of TU Delft, the ongoing collaboration with Delft will remain close. It’s great that Delft was able to be part of the genesis of this wonderful company. Hardt Hyperloop is now spreading its wings. But I’m sure that a part of their heart will remain in Delft.”

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