Glow Institute

Glow Institute opens in Rotterdam

Glow Institute has opened a beauty salon at the Lusthofstraat in Kralingen. It has five state-of-the-art treatment rooms, a juice and lunch bar, a wide range of the latest skin and beauty products, a beauty bar with Olcay Gulsen products, and a flagship store of the revolutionary SKNGM.

“Glow Institute offers the most modern treatment methods. SKNGM is the first gym-like workout for the skin. With special massage techniques, the skin is subjected to a sports session.” Says founder Mariëlle van der Reek. Using special gym tools, the licensed SKNtrainer trains the skin. The treatment starts with a warm-up by stretching the facial muscles. What follows is a high-impact workout, where intense holds are alternated with face cardio. The treatment ends with cooling down so the skin ca get rest. Working on the deeper skin layers, the workout dissolves adhesions and tensions. At the same time, the production of collagen and elastin is stimulated, while the sculpting tools ensure reduced visible wrinkles. It’s possible to take a subscription.

Next to SKNGM there are other treatments Glow Institute offers: “Each treatment we tailor specifically to the needs of the skin. Then we make an individual treatment plan. No skin is the same. That’s why we offer the most modern and versatile techniques, from orthomolecular therapy to medical treatments.”

From all over the country

Glow Institute has been working for 1.5 years to modernize skin treatment. Mariëlle: “After my training as a beautician I worked at various beauty salons. I often had the feeling that treatments were not performed optimally and effectively.”

That’s why she decided to start her own business. In a salon next to her house Mariëlle started Glow Institute. “I then started delving into the science behind skincare and using proven effective equipment developed my own treatments.” She started small and local, but it wasn’t long before it became known nationwide how effective her treatments were. Clients from all over the country knew to find her for customized treatment and advice.

The move to a new and larger location was, therefore, necessary to meet the explosive demand. With the opening of the new location in Rotterdam, Glow Institute as a pioneer in the field of skin care brings innovative and skin-improving techniques to the Netherlands. Mariëlle: “The skin is our largest organ. It literally forms the barrier between our body and harmful external influences. It is therefore important to maintain and care for it properly.”

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