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Get a Drip opens first clinic in Central Plaza

Richard Chambers found himself in intensive care in 2010 suffering with complications from his Type 1 Diabetes. After that he was in and out of the hospital to be hooked up to an IV Drip. Feeling the rejuvenating benefits. He decided that drips should be accessible to the general public and started Get A Drip.

The first clinic opened in 2017. It is now the UK’s leading vitamin drip provider and has fast become an essential player in the wellness industry. It operates clinics in London and Dublin and also mobile clinics. Now Rotterdam has the first clinic in the Netherlands. It opens in the heart of Rotterdam at Central Plaza! It offers IV Vitamin Drips, IM Booster Shots and Diagnostic Testing.

Access to affordable wellness solutions

Richard Chambers, founder & CEO of Get A Drip, says: “Expanding into Holland is an exciting step in our mission to bring accessible and affordable Vitamin Drips to the masses all over the world. Historically, these services have only been available to celebrities and the wealthy. Our aim is to overcome that. We believe that everyone should have access to affordable wellness solutions. Without losing the quality of product and service, no matter who or where you are.”

Get A Drip’s method is one of the most effective ways to access your vitamins by administering them directly into your bloodstream and bypassing the gut. This way, the body is able to absorb 100% of the nutrients compared to as little as 10% absorption from oral supplements.

Get A Drip Rotterdam doesn’t feel like a clinic. It’s more a hotspot where you immediately feel at ease. There is nice music playing and you get something to drink. The opening of the brand new Get A Drip Clinic in Rotterdam marks a milestone in the brand’s mission to normalise IV therapy as an extension of everyday personal health care.

An exciting time for pioneering health

Barbara Van Vliet, owner of the Get A Drip Rotterdam franchise, says “I am thrilled to be bringing Get A Drip IV Vitamin Therapy to Holland. It’s an exciting time for pioneering health and wellbeing brands like Get A Drip and I’m excited to bring it to the people of Rotterdam!”

As well as being the first clinic in The Netherlands, Rotterdam will be the first GAD clinic with a Cryotherapy Chamber – an innovative “cold therapy” treatment that involves exposing your body to temperatures as low as -160 degrees celsius. The drop in temperature increases the blood flow and causes red blood cells to rush around the body, with benefits from pain reduction to detoxification.

Beloved by stars

The vitamins and ‘nutrient therapy’ are delivered by intravenous drip. The BIG-registered nurses have plenty of experience and know how to put you at ease. The intravenous delights boost health,  metabolism and increase energy levels, resulting in a glow.

Beloved by stars including Adele, Rihanna and Kim Kardashian go for this treatment. Get A Drip makes it possible to get the same cure with drips for anti-aging to health and skin drips, at accessible prices.

Those interested can spontaneously walk in and explain complaints or wishes to the desk clerk. The first consultation is free and it’s also possible to check for deficiencies. Tested with a simple finger prick. Or take a DNA test. Within a few weeks, there’s an extensive report. This report makes clear what the body needs. Based on the results a specific treatment can be made. Patients get a checklist to make sure treatment will be safe. The boost will be supplied by injection or infusion.

The Get A Drip Clinic
At the Get A Drip Clinic

A multitude of positive uses

Nutritionists say that we could be absorbing as little as 10% of nutrients through diet alone. Rhaya Jordan, leading nutritionist and Get A Drip ambassador, says: “Many of us struggle to have a balanced diet. With IV Therapy, you’re basically bypassing the whole idea of bioavailability. Because the nutrients are going straight into the bloodstream, giving a nourishing hit of micronutrients. Though lower levels of nutrients are what we need to survive, it might be that taking higher levels is just what you need to thrive. The results speak for themselves.”

Dale Pinnock, aka The Medicinal Chef and a Get A Drip ambassador, adds: “Nutrition Therapy is a great way to give your body a boost. There is a multitude of positive uses, from correcting vitamin deficiencies to ensuring general wellbeing, it’s a treatment that can benefit most people.”


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