Eurostar launches more direct trains between Rotterdam and London

Eurostar, the high-speed rail service linking the UK and mainland Europe, is excited to announce a fourth direct train service from London St. Pancras to Rotterdam Centraal and Amsterdam Centraal stations from September 5.

With more direct services linking these iconic businesses and tourist hubs, it will be even easier for travellers to choose the environmental benefits of high-speed rail over air travel. A Eurostar journey emits up to 93% less CO2 than a plane journey, with the carbon footprint of one flight the equivalent of up to 13 Eurostar journeys.2

The fourth service, which will run from Monday to Friday, will allow Eurostar to carry up to 3,600 people per day between London and the Netherlands, which is the equivalent of 18 aeroplane journeys.

Els Buzzi from Eurostar, said: “The ever-growing demand for high-speed trains between the Netherlands and the UK shows that both business and leisure travellers appreciate the convenience and comfort of travelling by Eurostar. The fourth service will give our customers even more choice and flexibility when planning their journey, safe in the knowledge that Eurostar is the greener way to go from city centre to city centre.”

The fourth direct train will depart from London St Pancras International Station at 6.16 AM and with a journey time of just over three hours to Rotterdam.

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