Dutch Dukes in Witte de Withstraat

Dutch Dukes is Rotterdam’s first English gastropub

In the middle of the vibrant Witte de Withstraat you can now find Dutch Dukes. A typical English pub where the guests can experience the relaxed British atmosphere at its finest. 

The striking interior has a classic pub appearance. With a burgundy, oak and brass color palette and stained glass, guests will imagine themselves in bustling London. However, the daring figures on the wall and ceiling remind you of the fact that you are in raw Rotterdam.

The Interior of Dutch Dukes
The interior of Dutch Dukes. Photo: Wendy de Bree

On the menu are typical English dishes, such as fish & chips and steak & Guinness pie, but can also choose appetizers such as avocado fries. The drinks menu is filled with British beers, ciders and gin tonics.

Dutch Dukes is the brainchild of entrepreneur Frank Roolaart (owner of HAL4 aan de Maas). He really likes the city has countless new restaurants and cafes but it lacks a typical English pub. That is why Roolaart opens the city’s first English gastropub. “In the past, English pubs were known as dark, smoky cafes where people hung out at the bar. These old-fashioned pubs have now been elevated to quality gastropubs where friends, colleagues and acquaintances come together. Rotterdam deserves a similar place where people discuss their working day, enjoy fresh dishes and toast to life.”

Dutch Dukes has predecessors

Although Dutch Dukes is the first self-proclaimed real English pub, there are already other destinations for lovers of British specialties. Paddy Murphy’s has been a true Irish Pub for over twenty years. Every night there is live music and all the best sports is screened in a special sportsbar.

Docked in the heart of Rotterdam you’ll find a 1951 British Lightship. It was built in Dartmouth and put into service as a mobile lighthouse on the south coast of Wales. The Lightship 11 was protected from demolition by a Dutchman and it was renovated. It is now called: V11 and passengers can enjoy typical British pub food, homebrewed beers and live music.

Chippy Chips is a hidden gem serving original Fish & Chips from a food truck. The former horse trailer can be found at the corner of Schiekade and Heer Bokelweg. The chips can also be accompanied by homemade curry sauce, cheddar, mushy peas and gravy.

English groceries

For those who want to have English delicacies at home they can visit Jac A. van Zanten for example. It used to keep shop at the Karel Doormanstraat in the city center. But it has moved to nearby Nieuwerkerk a/d IJssel. It offers Mrs Ball’s chutneys, Emma Bridgewater’s crockery and jams, dressings, marmalades, curds, pickles and fudge from Cottage Delight.

Plumule Expat Shop Rotterdam
The storefront of Plumule Expat Shop Rotterdam

So Jac A. van Zanten left the city. But fortunately, there is a new supplier: Plumule Expat Shop Rotterdam. On the centrally located Nieuwe Binnenweg, you can find a wide variety of British and Irish products. From condiments and sauces to pies, cookies, chocolates, and desserts. 

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