Dirk van den broek

Dirk van den Broek opens new supermarkets in Rotterdam

Dirk van den Broek’s dairy business grew over three-quarters of a century into a successful supermarket chain with more than 130 shops across the country. The company expands with two new convenience stores in Rotterdam.

On the Binnerotte Dirk took over a Coop. The new addition to the Binnenrotte brings the total number of shops in Rotterdam to seventeen. Despite its modest size, the shop is a fully-fledged supermarket. Customers can go there for all their daily shopping at the most competitive price. Dirk Binnenrotte is open seven days a week and there is ample parking space.

The 18th Dirk van den Broek in Rotterdam will also open soon. At Nieuwe Binnenweg 24.

Marcel Huizing, Dirk van den Broek’s general manager: “Dirk van den Broek’s goal is to introduce as many Dutch people as possible to the best quality and lowest price for their groceries. Especially in times when everything seems to become more expensive, we want to be there for everyone. That is why we will be working hard to open new shops in the coming years. We are, of course, very excited about the two new locations in Rotterdam, with which we will be adding to our supermarket portfolio to 130 shops.”

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