CUPRA City Garage Rotterdam is also a place for art and music

The young Spanish car brand CUPRA has stood out for its unconventional way of doing things, and for creating more than just a brand of cars. The brand operates several CUPRA City Garages. Here, in addition to showcasing the cars and lifestyle, they organize unique experiences. After a pop-up the CUPRA City Garage opened its doors in Rotterdam in May 2022. Rotterdam has a lot in common with the culture and creativity of Barcelona, where CUPRA was born.

CUPRA Vandal

The garage recently was the stage for the presentation of a new collaboration with dj-producer Jarreau Vandal. He is the new brand ambassador and was introduced with a sensational video. He celebrated his joining of the CUPRA Tribe with a lavish diner and a listening session of new music. Jarreau’s grandfather was a producer and his parents danced in Amsterdam clubs. As a result, Jarreau came into contact with many different musical styles. Later on, many other sources of inspiration were added. CUPRA is excited about the new ambassador, offering quirky creativity.

Jarreau – also known as The naked Deejay – wants to connect and inspire people with his music, and produces with a lot of passion, energy and drive. This makes the connection with the values of CUPRA logical.Β  As a Tribe member, Jarreau naturally also drives CUPRA: the 100% electric Born. Jarreau: “It’s cool to see that CUPRA sees mobility differently: with design and music as part of its own lifestyle and identity. We really have that quirkiness in common and that makes for a good vibe.” The Dutch CUPRA Tribe already has Sten Richters, the number one national padel player, and The three-time K-1 World Grand Prix champion Remy Bonjasky as members.

Born in the Mirror Hour

During Rotterdam Art Week theΒ  CUPRA City Garage Rotterdam presents Born in the Mirror Hour by Rotterdam-based artist Tim Wes. It’s his vision of the distant tomorrow. His glass and light installation is a journey through time, offering a glimpse of what tomorrow might look like. “The changes are happening so fast that we hardly stand to look at the next ‘thing’. If we believe the news, we will soon be travelling not to another country, but to another planet.” The installation with documentary reveals his creative mind. The unveiling will be during Rotterdam Art Week, the installation will remain in the CUPRA Garage Rotterdam from February 10 til March 10. The special collaboration is symbolic of progress and innovative perspectives.

TW Cupra Still

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