Creative House Bijenkorf

Bijenkorf Rotterdam becomes The Creative House

The Creative House at Bijenkorf is the first in a series of cultural and art weekends. Local artists present their work within the existing shop from May 13 to 15.

The theme for this year is the female gaze. Ten Rotterdam-based artists present their interpretation of this theme, including photographer Benny Emmerich. He will capture the movements of visitors, and artist Berry Dijkstra, who will be offering a peek behind the scenes of the shop, into the domain of the window dressers.

An artwork by Berry Dijkstra
An artwork by Berry Dijkstra

Street art collective ALL CAPS has specially made paintings. Customers can receive a piece in the form of a carrier bag with their purchases. Furthermore, O.Festival, Codarts Agency, Poetry International, the Nieuwe Instituut, and Kasper Tinus are providing surprising performances and special work for this first edition of The Creative House. Kaper Tinus made a special poster. This is the full program. Everyone who buys something at the Bijenkorf during this event will receive free admission to Museum Het Nieuwe Instituut.

Local talent at The Creative House

Inge Schmitt, Head of Creative Strategy de Bijenkorf: “The female gaze is about diversity and intimacy. Highlighting emotions and experiences from the female perspective. It’s a different way of looking, beyond gender and pigeonholes, that connects with what Bijenkorf stands for: an inclusive place, where everyone is special.”

“Creativity is the engine of our mission and with it, we want to surprise and inspire our customers at every visit. I am delighted we make our entire shop available to local talent. I look forward to seeing visitors enjoying themselves this weekend,” concludes Ronald Luyben, store manager de Bijenkorf Rotterdam.



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