Compassionate Food Choices

The Rotterdam vegan food scene is on the rise, and attitudes are changing, giving way to innovative and charming vegan-friendly restaurants. This local’s guide features a snapshot of the best places the city has to offer. Whether you’re looking for some tasty grub or a romantic evening out, each spot provides a unique balance of taste and atmosphere.

Gare du Nord
Antoniestraat 2
Wed-Sun 5 PM – 11 PM

Romance epitomises this unusual dining spot. Set in a 1980s East German train carriage, the organic vegan bistro fashions modern dining with traditional hospitality. Without pretentiousness, the white tablecloths combined with the original style of the carriage make dining at Gare du Nord a unique experience. Perhaps it is a blend of the local crowd with the cosy ambience which evokes a sense of comfortable nostalgia. After ordering a glass of wine, the set starter simply arrives, adding to the allure and self-confidence of the place.
I experienced an Italian-inspired menu, which consisted of four simple yet flavourful courses. Garlic-infused bruschetta followed by creamy pumpkin risotto with delicate hints of saffron, accompanied by a Spanish sauvignon blanc, took me back to cool summer evenings. To top off the savoury, the polenta cake with raw artichoke tart was superb. On a sweet note, tiramisu with Muscat dessert wine couldn’t have left me feeling more charmed as I looked out the window at the setting sun. To avoid having to reserve, go in the early evening. Truly a first-class experience!

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