Sea Monsters in Maritiem Museum Rotterdam

Famous Sea Monsters

Real, or not? That is the question. Fantastical stories still circulate about the monster that has for generations held the Scottish Loch Ness in its grasp. They still circulate about mermaids as well, and a giant crab, and a whale that swallowed a man. In short, exciting stuff goes on in the deepest recesses of …

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Christine Furst

Home from Home: Living on the city’s doorstep

In this series, Inside Rotterdam talks to expats, international students and fresh arrivals about why they’ve chosen to make Rotterdam their new home. Love brought Austrian-born Christine Fürst to Rotterdam in the early nineties, making her one of the pioneers of Rotterdam’s ever-growing expat community. Over the years she saw the city transform into a …

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Dimitri Roels from Vlaamsch Broodhuys

Sourdough Magic

Dimitri Roels (1969) always wanted to be a baker, but it took a few detours before he got there. He’s all the better for it and now finally pursuing his calling. Together with his wife Diante, Dimitri now runs ‘sourdough empire’ Vlaamsch Broodhuys (‘Flemish Bread House’). Their bakery in Schiedam supplies fresh bread to its …

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Middelland Foto Exhibition

‘Middelland Foto’, a neighborhood captured through the lens

A photo exhibition of a vibrant neighbourhood’s recent past Walking through the Middelland these days, you probably wouldn’t guess at its once turbulent past. Couples can be seen strolling down the avenues, students sip home-blend coffees in bright cafes and people from different cultures catch up on its many open squares. Not that long ago …

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Street Dreams: Hip Hop Fashion


Street Dreams: How Hip Hop took over Fashion is the title of an exhibition currently on at Kunsthal Rotterdam. It focuses on how the Hip Hop culture that emerged from the Bronx has influenced fashion and lifestyle (just think of all the sports gear that dominates streetwear these days) and, more importantly, Hip Hop culture’s …