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Bun moves to Nieuwe Binnenweg

A pizza oven is also ideal for making sandwiches. Two smart brothers used the oven and equipment of a pizzeria in Blijdorp during the daytime to create BUN, offering delicious buns with lavish toppings. The o order or to This way they were able to get started in a low-cost way. It turns out their buns with toppings like Meatloaf Royal and Mamba Gamba are a success so they will open their own place in the city center.

Tim and Max Braams started BUN a few years ago, making everything themselves in an original and tasteful way. It turned out to be a success and the loyal following kept expanding. They can now move into a place of their own at the Nieuwe Binnenweg where they can continue the upward trend.

Crowdfundig Bun

To fully realise their vision BUN created a crowdfunding campaign. They have put together a number of packages. You can invest 350 euro for example. This Stamgast-package is perfect for regular customers. On arrival, you will get a drink in your custom-made BUN Cup and you will also receive a unisex t-shirt or hoodie with a print of illustrator Cees Boot.

It’s even possible to develop an own Bun special of the month, in collaboration with the Bun team you will become a Bunfluencer.

BUN will open soon
BUN will open soon


The funding is used for kitchen equipment, furniture, a central heating system, and terrace benches among other things.

True destination for good food

The sandwich shop will be in good company, opposite UEB West en also near other original eateries like Unfolded and La Bandera and also close to the new initiative Binnenweg op het Plein. The local bars Café Rijke & De Wit, Café Steijn and Café Bakeliet and Vermeyden Delicatessen occupy the Heemraadsplein every weekend and offer drinks and food. This part of one of the longest shopping streets in the Netherlands is transforming into a true destination for good food.

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