Test the Brekr at MediaMarkt Tech Village

The Brekr is an electric moped. It’s possible to make a test ride in Rotterdam on February 19. Two members of the Brekr team will be present at Tech Village Mediamarkt to answer all questions.

The Dutch invention connects design, electric technology and history. The design of the Brekr is different. Technical director Jasper Hagedoorn explains: “Because you no longer need a petrol tank. In addition, you want to place the batteries as low as possible in order to ride comfortably.” This resulted in a new and original design. The person responsible for the design is award-winning designer Ivo Roos.

Quiet electric motors also have a downside. Fellow road users do not always hear you coming. Commercial Director Niels Willems: “The Brekr makes an ‘electrified sound’ so that other road users can hear you and therefore see you. The artificially generated sounds takes the speed and position of the throttle into account.”

The frame and wheels of the Brekr are aluminum. The total weight, with the battery, is 72 kg. The Brekr has space for two removable batteries in the box under the seat. A battery has a large capacity of 1.9 kWh which, in combination with the low weight, allows a journey of 80 km. With everyday use, 50 km is realistic. Driving 100 km costs about 90 cents in electricity.

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